Startup World — Tech Edition

RAIT ACM Student Chapter
3 min readSep 24, 2022



Building a startup can be equated to launching a spacecraft. There’s a reason it’s cliché.

You must organize a skilled crew, create a machine that can fly without disintegrating, and then endeavor to reach outer space before the fuel runs out.

Because it is impractical to assemble a complete team of professionals fairly quickly, each member wears numerous jobs.

Startup teams must handle sales, branding, HR, management, and customer success in the initial stages, when it is unclear if the ship will fly to the moon or burst like a tragic firework. All while raising the next crucial round of investment.

Nonetheless, as a startup beginning after so many others have experienced exhilarating success or catastrophic failure, you have a wealth of wisdom to draw from that will boost your odds of survival.

That knowledge is disseminated over the internet in the form of where and how instructions, reports, and opinion pieces. It’s there if you are willing to look, but the excellent stuff is easily drowned out in a sea of mediocrity.

Building the Future with Tech.

Technologies are evolving on a timely basis, and we are integrating them in response to the demands of career. Digital developments make work easier.

Benefits of using Technology in startups:

1.Select specialized technological solutions

Many firms operations have been revolutionized by team collaboration software and applications. Companies are no longer need to preserve numerous document copies and spreadsheets and email them to one another in order to receive feedback from their peers. Businesses could save time by allowing multiple team members to operate on and evaluate papers at the same time via online authoring applications such as Google Docs.

2.Staff Collaboration and Coordination

Several businesses harness the power of social proof to engage their audience by inviting consumers to leave online evaluations. This procedure can be automated using evaluation software, which could be set up to periodically email or text customers and ask them to leave a Google review regarding their experience. This enables prospects to learn what other customers think of the business and enables the business to gain new consumers by creating trust online.

3.Improved Storage Options

IT infrastructure modernization helps firms to replace outdated legacy systems using cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage systems are dependable, providing for exclusive access to company information from anywhere on the planet. It allows your teams to function remotely and obtain the necessary information. It also eliminates the need to maintain large servers, saving both space and money.

4.Increased Data Security

Cyber attackers are more clever than ever, and a traditional security posture based solely on firewalls and antivirus software is no longer effective. Making technology a core component of your company plan increases the availability of cybersecurity tools and training throughout your firm. Frontline employees and the C-suite are both alerted about potential dangers and given the tools and continued training they require to counter such threats.

5.Research Capacity

A business that has the technical prowess to explore fresh opportunities will always stay one step ahead of the competition. To flourish, a business must enlarge and look for new opportunities. The Internet enables a business to virtually go into emerging markets without the cost of an executive equipment or the risks of establishing a business in another country.

Final Strategies

There are several inventive approaches to utilize technology to improve your company’s workflow. Don’t be afraid to integrate technology into your firm because numerous others are going the same challenging shift. By focussing on smart technological concepts for your organization, you will not only stand out from the competition, but you’ll also amaze your devoted clients. It’s also a phenomenal way to wow new consumers who are just discovering about your company. These are just five of the many benefits of utilizing current technologies. There are numerous additional potential advantages if you continue to explore new technologies. Don’t ever be hesitant to practice new things because they could be rewarding.

-Ayush Mali